If you want to pay – PayAll, don't walk…

PayAll – the digital smart wallet, solve the need to carry wallet – the thing that always bother us in our back 😉 but not just, we always carry lots of plastic cards, cash, etc.

we solve the debate over charges, by providing a smart electronic / cellular wallet, to help retailers and consumers accomplish the manage of charges and the ability to make payments anytime, anywhere by PayAll app.

PayAll is an application for making payments and managing charges, between retailers and consumers (B2C), and between retailers themselves (B2B), in future developments stages, we will also allow payments between private individuals (P2P), as well as managing regulators payments (Property tax, electricty company, gas, etc) and private companies (such as cellular, television, insurance ..) and realization of purchase vouchers & gift cards.

PayAll is like mini CRM for consumers and retailers – it manage your customers, it allow customer rating, and to manage alerts for both side.


Rozenfeld Hagay